Subject Re: [IBO] LookupCombo in a grid
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Christian,

> I have got a problem putting a LookupCombo into a grid.
> The LC works like a charm when it is put on my form, but
> when I drop it into my grid, it does not even show up
> at runtime.
> I have tried a lot, but nothing worked.
> I even took the good old Getting Started Guide and did
> it step by step, but it did not work.
> As I said, the strange thing is that the LC works when it
> does not reside in the grid.

I can't see from here what causes this, but as a checklist:

- do you have a KeySource-Lookup relation between two datasets, with
the KeySource property of the lookup set pointing to the DataSource
of the keysource set?

- are KeyLinks and KeyDescLinks defined in the lookup set?

- is the Grid attached to the keysource set and the lookup combo to
the lookup set?

- is it *really* a TIB_LookupCombo and not a TIB_ComboBox ?

- is the DisplayField of the TIB_LookupCombo set to the same field as
the LEFT hand side of KeyDescLinks? (*)

- does the field mentioned in the RIGHT hand side of the KeyDescLinks
appear in the Grid? (*)

* if you only have KeyLinks and no KeyDescLinks, the two previous
questions should be answered for KeyLinks instead of KeyDescLinks;

- are you sure you dropped the combo ONTO the Grid, i.e. is the grid
really the parent of the combo? If the combo was already on your
form, dragging won't work: you must cut the combo out of the form
with Ctrl-X, then click on the grid to select it, then paste the
combo with Ctrl-V.
If you dropped a fresh combo, you also should have the grid selected
first. Just seeing a component on top of another is no guarantee that
the other one is its parent.

- are both sets prepared and active at runtime?

Hope this helps!

Paul Vinkenoog