Subject Re: [IBO] Can't make OnGetText call w TIBOQuery
Author dmarmur2002
Yes, I understand their different. I can live with writing another
set. I just can't get it to work (see 2nd try). I need som hints,
tips or pointers on how to get it going...



--- In, jwharton@i... wrote:
> Not sure what you will do for this. I use both TIB_Query and
TIBOQuery and their respective GetText events are of a
> different format and style. You would probably have to write
separate ones for each that do essentially the same thing.
> AssignSQLWith Search won't transfer this over in an automatic way.
You will have to manually do some work to obtain
> the consistency you are after.
> HTH,
> Jason Wharton
> 2nd try:
> IBOQuery.AssignSQLWithSearch(IB_MainQuery);
> IBOQuery.Prepare;
> // FieldCount = 0 here
> IBOQuery.Open;
> // FieldCount > 0 here
> for ii := 0 to IBOQuery.FieldCount - 1 do
> IBOQuery.Fields[ii].OnGetText := FieldGetText;
> FieldGetText is of "type" TFieldGetTextEvent. It does not get