Subject Re: [IBO] Sorting problem
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Helen,

> Riho-Rene,
> It's not just a sorting problem, it's a general SQL syntax problem.
> (...)
> By getting the account column from a subquery, you have converted it
> to a computed column. ORDER BY on a computed column has to be by its
> ordinal number (in SQL), as you demonstrated for yourself in
> IBAdmin. It can't be an OrderingItem, because an OrderingItem has
> to be a database field.

It can be a column number as well. I have a lot of OrderingItems on
subselect columns; in fact the _only_ way I can make this work in IBO
is to use the column number; IBO won't accept the column alias here.

So the problem must be in the SQL setup (which you also addressed but
which I left out here).

Paul Vinkenoog