Subject Re: [IBO] about Tib_Grid
Author Aage Johansen
On Fri, 12 Mar 2004 02:54:00 +0000 (UTC), Alfred Seetoh wrote:

> I think I know what he's trying to say (Valmir, correct me if I'm wrong),
> and this is also a problem I encounter.
> The situation is that there's a grid with many columns, and it requires
> scrolling left and right to view all the columns. Assuming I scroll all
> the way to the right to view the last column, and now I click on a
> different row, then *oops* the focus jumps to the first column, and I'll
> have to scroll to the right again to see the last column. This only
> occurs when RowSelect is set to true.

It seems to 'jump' so that the last field/column you 'clicked' on becomes

Aage J.