Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot insert a new Row
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:30 PM 9/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> > If you only want to update *one* of the underlying tables, you can
> > use the KeyRelation property instead.
>Worked for record insertions only. Still could not make it work for
>update and delete.
> > Everything will work, as long as your KeyLinks are
> > good. KeyLinksAutoDefine won't work for joined sets - you must
> > provide them explicitly.
>How to fill this property. Is there any editor?

It is an ib_stringlist property. Just click the "..." button on the
property in the object manager to get a text window. IBO has probably
already included the db_key - delete this, then list the key fields one
beneath the other, i.e. one field, one line


You need all of the fields (table-qualified) that it takes to identify a
unique row in the output. As a minimum, this will include:
All of the primary key columns from the left-hand table
All of the primary key columns from the other tables
All of the columns used as join criteria

There is probably overlap between some PK and some join columns - but list
a specific column only once.