Subject Re: [IBO] TBOQuery and TClientDataset bug?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:59 AM 9/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi to All,
>I have an Interbase table with a primary key using two table fields
>defined as follow:
>Create table Itemwarehouse (
>ItemID varchar(32) not null,
>WarehouseID varchar(32) not null,
>Quantity numeric(10,3)
>Alter Table Itemwarehouse add constraint PItemwarehouse primary key
>Also I have a TIBOQuery component (qItemOnHand) with the following
>SQL Statement:
>Select ItemID, SUM(Quantity) AS OnHand
> >From Itemwarehouse
>Where ItemID = :ItemID
>Group By ItemID
>I have a TDatasetProvider component linked to the TIBOQuery.
>Also I have a TClientDataset linked to the TDatasetProvider
>The problem is, when I set the Active property to TRUE at runtime, I
>obtain an exception with the following message:
>"The qItemOnHand: field 'WarehouseID' not found"
>I have tested it using TIBQuery (IBExpress) component and it works

I do not believe you. The field WarehouseID is not found because it is not
there!! That set has two fields: ItemID and Onhand.