Subject [IBO] Re: application using up ram
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 09:55 AM 5/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >changing every TIB_DSQL back helped.
> >Or so it seems.
> >I will do some test to see if this is true.
> >
> >Do you know why Helen ?
> Well, from the single vague sample you supplied, you were trying to
> a field object to a field object, when you should have been
assigning a
> value to a parameter...the mind boggles a bit...I'd have thought it
> cause an exception, not actually to WORK and have all these
> pointers all over the place.

Thats my fault.

I actually do ALL like this

InsQ.ParamByNAme('P1').AsString := MyCur.FIeldByNAme('P').AsString
InsQ.ParamByNAme('P1').AsFloat := MyCur.FIeldByNAme('P').AsString


The other was just a short exampel, which wasn't all fill in.

But anyway.

Changing all TIB_DSQL back to TIBOQuery seems to have solved my

At least the clients running on our Citrix server now only uses
between 15 and 25 Mb of RAM each.
This is normal.

Just before I updated the programs, 3 of the where over 200 Mb of
RAM !!

What I have done is this.

Changed a BDE appl to a IBO using GReplace.

Added some more transactions (TIB_Transactions) to some Datamodels
that are executed "alone".

Changed all TIBOQuery that did a Select Something From
SomeTable....... to TIB_Cursor. That is all selects that didn't need
to be displayed in a grid or other (i.e. all the selects I use to
locate specific records).

Changed Every Update My Table....., Insert INto MyTable.....,
Delete from MyTale...... that where TIBOQuery to TIB_DSQL.
This caused the problem.
Switching nack without changing anything else solved my problem.

So is it posible, that TIB_DSQL should be

Set up differently that default settings (besides changing Database
and transation).


TIB_DSQL doesn't work with TIBODatabase (which I think is unlikly,
but one never knows).

Until now Helen, Thank you very much for the help.
Its very appriciated.,

> Helen