Subject Re: IB_ctrlGrid and wheel mouse
Author Bob Zirbel
Thanks for your help. It works perfectly!

I don't suppose you can help with another problem I am having with
the ctrlGrid?
I want to display an icon along with other data and if I place an
IB_Image on the grid I get the error "Not a valid bitmap" when I try
to display it. It works fine on other grids but not the ctrlGrid.

Any help would be appreciated.



--- In, "pizzateig2002" <FHector@w...>
> Bob,
> Mouse wheel behaves strangely with dbgrids - this code handler
> correct this behavior. Just drop a TApplication component on a
> procedure Application1.OnMessage
> (var Msg: TMsg; var Handled: Boolean);
> var
> i: SmallInt;
> begin
> if Msg.message = WM_MOUSEWHEEL then
> begin
> Msg.message := WM_KEYDOWN;
> Msg.lParam := 0;
> i := HiWord(Msg.wParam);
> if i > 0 then
> Msg.wParam := VK_UP
> else
> Msg.wParam := VK_DOWN;
> Handled := False;
> end;
> end;