Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DSQL
Author Lucas Franzen

I just tested it with TIB_DSQL instead of a TIB_Cursor (I do use a
TIB_Cursor (that's doing a SELECT on ONE record) in that case since
there can occur as well an Insert as an Edit, so I don't have to fiddle
around with two statements/components).

> Can I use this if I have a statement like this:
> with myCursor do
> begin
> ParamByName('MyInt').AsInteger := 898;
> ParamByName('MyFloat').AsFloat := 989.88;
> Memo.Lines.SaveToStream (
> TIB_BlobStream.CreateForColumn (
> FieldByName ( 'MY_BLOBFIELD' ), bsmWrite ) );
change that to:
ParamByName ( 'MY_BLOBFIELD' ), bsmWrite ) );

and it will work, too.
You don't have to use a TIB_Cursor; if you're doing plain inserts or
updates you can use a TIB_DSQL.
As I said: in my case I do use a TIB_Cursor with a selectz, so I don't
have ParamByname but FieldByname.