Subject Re: [IBO] Live Stored Proc Results???
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:19 PM 28/12/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>Is it possible to have a stored procedure return a "live" result set?

Depends on your "angle". A selectable stored procedure returns a derived
set, that is, a set with no tables standing behind it.

On the IBO side, its row-by-row derived output can be handled as though it
were a database cursor. As with other non-updateable sets, you can make a
stored proc output set behave as though it were updateable, by writing
executable SPs, or designing direct DSQL statements, that operate on one or
more of the tables from which the output was derived.

You design these EEPs so that they take input arguments (or parameters, in
the case of DSQL statements) that are linked to the KeyLinks (and other
fields, as required) of the SSP set. You place parameterised calls to
these EEPs (or DSQL statements) in the XxxxxSQL properties of the dataset.

With proper naming of parameters and arguments, IBO will then respond
automatically to calls to the dataset's Insert, Edit and Delete methods by
making the dataset appear "live", transparently to the user.