Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO on Win98SE with D5
Author pringplata
Thanks, Helen. Please see inline.

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> This thoroughly misleading Windows message means there is a
depended-on DLL
> somewhere that doesn't work with something else that's calling it.
> knowing more about what you were trying to do when the error
occurred, it's
> a needle in a haystack. Actually, it's a needle in a haystack

I am still on the process of installing IBO 4.5 when this error pops
up. To be exact it appears when (1) the installer is about to
_compile and install_ files into the IDE and (2) when the tools are
about to be installed. I presume such is the case because I see the
messages "Files will now be compiled and installed into the IDEs
selected" and "Tools will now be compiled and installed..."

> It could be that you have bits of old IBO installations hanging
about in

No. This is my first attempt to install. My work pc and home pc (both
98SEs) act the same.

> the system path; or, with an ancient OS and an ancient Delphi, it
might be
> pinpointed on the Windows Common Controls set, from which all
> controls ultimately inherit.
> If a connection to a firebird database is involved, it could be
that the M$
> C++ runtime (msvcp60.dll, required by the client library) is
missing or
> that the C runtine (msvcrt.dll) is missing or too old.
No connections yet. Still in process of installing.

> Or just about anything....
> Helen