Subject Re: [IBO] Connecting to a remote database
Author Helen Borrie
> At December 24, 2004, 20:32, Raymond Kennington wrote:
> > I have an NT w/s with FB 1.5.1 installed. The firewall is allowing it to
> > act as a server on port 3050. SYSDBA and password have not been changed
> > from the default. The computer's name on the network is MACHINE2.
> > In aliases.conf I have defined an alias for the database:
> > TestDB = d:\test\TEST.FDB
At 11:04 AM 26/12/2004 +1030, you wrote:

>What should the following be, precisely?
>AliasName= (leave this nil)
>DatabaseName= anything you like, note below (*)
>Is SysDBA required, or just Username?

Don't use the SYSDBA property, use

LoginPrompt -- if this is true, then set PasswordStorage=psNone; if false,
set PasswordStorage=psNotSecure


(*) Note - initially leave DatabaseName nil. After you enter the Path
(i.e. the Fb 1.5 alias from aliases.conf) IBO will fill in DatabaseName
with the full connection string, MACHINE2:TestDB. You can replace this
with any "friendly" string you like.

Note also that with Fb 1.5 there are some hidden traps with IBO versions
older than IBO v.2.3Aa. Take care to read the notes about the
firebird.conf parameter OldParameterOrdering --- this is specifically
applicable to these older IBO versions.

Although NOT setting this won't interfere with making a connection, leaving
the default setting will cause unpredictable exceptions or wrong data when
executing stored procedures. If (when) you decide to use a version of IBO
that supports Fb 1.5, revert OldParameterOrdering to its default setting.

Note that you have to stop and restart the server after any change to

> IBObjects 4.2Ie
> Firebird Server 1.5.1 4481 (on NT)
> Firebird Client 1.5.0 2658 Beta 3 (on XP)

IBO is using altogether the wrong client library. At that early point in
the beta cycle, it was using an experimental linkage strategy that was
later superseded. This must be deleted and replaced with the correct one
(see notes below).

You need to copy fbclient.dll from Firebird's \bin directory into TWO
PLACES **and** (unless you modify IBO itself) rename it to gds32.dll:

1. The system directory of the server (in case you are using IB_SL there,
or any other client tool that uses gds32.dll)

2. The system directory on the client machine.

Please do take the time to study the release notes for Firebird 1.5. There
were many changes in the release, touching many aspects of client
development. The adaptations in IBO required for working with Fb 1.5 have
been available for more than a year now and are thoroughly chronicled in
the archives of both this list and firebird-support.

With understanding of the changes and some adaptation, you *can* work with
the old IBO versions. For complete IBO/Fb 1.5 comfort, a clean install of
the current IBO v.4.5 evaluation kit is recommended. NOTE that, even with
IBO 4.5, you still need to take the right steps to ensure that the correct
fbclient.dll version (renamed to gds32.dll) is loaded by remote and local
client applications. "Correct" means that the version and build numbers of
the server executable and the client library match.