Subject Re: [IBO] Connecting to a remote database
Author Daniel Rail

At December 24, 2004, 20:32, Raymond Kennington wrote:

> I have an NT w/s with FB 1.5.1 installed. The firewall is allowing it to
> act as a server on port 3050. SYSDBA and password have not been changed
> from the default. The computer's name on the network is MACHINE2.

> In aliases.conf I have defined an alias for the database:
> TestDB = d:\test\TEST.FDB

> I am running Delphi 7 with IBObjects on an XP machine.

> I have not set any permissions on the NT machine for the XP machine to
> access the root drive of the NT machine, where Firebird resides.

> In IB_Database1 I set
> AliasName to TestDB
> protocol to cpTCP_IP
> server to the local ip address of the machine: 192. ...
> password for SYSDBA entered as the usual default.

> Error message:

> Unable to complete network request to host 192. ...
> Failed to establish a connection.
> No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

> What must be done to allow the connection?

If Firebird is running as it should, then I would be looking at the
firewall settings.

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