Subject Re: Problem with AutoLabels
Author Steve Fields
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> Jason,
> The following situation arises:
> 1. Add a group of TIB_Edits to a form.
> 2. Make the autolabels model on the first TIB_Edit field.
> 3. Make one of the edit's label wider than the actual text area.
> 4. The label is tuncated to the same width.
> 5. Set the albTrimX to true it is still truncated.
> 6. Clear the model field and the label is now untruncated.
> 7. Set the model field again, it truncates again.
> 8. Set the albTrimX field on the model to true, IT untruncates.
> None of the other edits will un-truncate unless they do
> NOT have a model.
> This came about because I was trying to place a group of
> TIB_Edits in a group panel while setting the group panel font
> to a larger, bold, different color. This would force the labels
> on the edits to match the font settings. Setting th e parentfont
> setting to false, of course, only sets the font of the text in
> the TIB_Edit, not the label.
> Steve Fields

And another related problem:
When using the TIB_Datasource Control Generator, when
dragging and dropping the first and several fields to a
form: The first field only generates a label and the second
ignores the autolabel kind setting (left, top, etc), but
places the label to the left of the edit field, overlaying
the label for the first field. (Which happens to be the
primary key for the dataset, and matches the data type,
When selecting and dropping any further down the list the
labels are generated with the edits but still ignores the
kind setting.

Also, btw, isn't the datasource field supposed to be carried
to the form alos? I get TIB_Edits, for example, that all have
the Datasource field left empty. I have to reassigne them on
the form.

Steve Fields