Subject Re: [IBO] Visibility of embedded LookupCombo
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:24 PM 19/12/2004 +0100, you wrote:

>Working with IBO 4.1Aa and FB 1.5, I have a peculiar effect on an embedded
>Previously, the lookupquery just supplied all values from the underlying
>table (just a handful of values), so that the user could also select values
>already defined for an n:m table, though posting the new record is prevented
>by a unique index. Since this produced an ugly error message, I redifined
>the lookupquery so that only those records not yet in the n:m table are
>Where ID NOT IN
>Now I have the effect, that the value in the combobox becomes invisible as
>soon as the lookupcombo in the n:m table gets the focus.

Isn't that just what one would expect from such a relationship? It would
be logically impossible to select a valid value and keep this relationship
intact. The KeyLinks could never be true.