Subject Re: [IBO] What to do when cn->Connect() fails
Author tickerboo2002
> My network (TCP/IP, with 8 allowed hosts configured in HOSTS on Win2K)
> takes between 40 and 45 seconds to return the following message to the
> application when I use your example IP address:

Yes, that's what I get.

> It makes no difference whether the server's ConnectionTimeOut is 10s or
> 180s, since DNS resolution is continually trying and failing each
option in

OK, so it's a network thing.

> Why are you using ad hoc WinAPI calls to intercept this error?

? I'm catching an EIB_ISCERROR and checking the code and then trying
to exit. My datamodule, where I try to connect, is auto created
before the main form and I wanted to display an error warning before
terminating the app. Re-jigging the code to prevent the auto-creation
of the form if the connection fails has solved the problem.

Thanks for your help.