Subject Re: IBO Version 4_5
Author Steve Fields
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> > > > What happened to versions 4_5_Aa thru 4_5_Af?
> > >
> > > These are beta revisions, they are not to be considered production
> >quality
> > > and therefore they are not persistently made available.
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> > > Back in town finally from some meetings...
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> > > Jason Wharton
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> >And 4.4 series?
> Can I step in here and partly answer this...there were no 4.4
releases for
> Delphi, though some 4.4 artifacts are probably in the VCS. The
> conversion will need to step into the 4.4 area for its next round of
> if it possibly can. We're currently confronting the task of
converting and
> resynching the sources of the 005 ibo-k betas, which were converted
> the 4.2H Delphi sources, to and with the 4.3 and beyond sources.
> At the binary level you don't notice that Jason made a major transition
> between 4.2 and 4.3, to coalesce the code from previously distinct
> .IMP and .pas units into larger, self-contained .pas units, leaving
> only stubs for the old .INT and .IMP units. This presents a stumbling
> block for the Kylix sources, since it makes it difficult to upgrade and
> convert simultaneously via diff files, as we did previously.
> We need to step into the 4.4 series for our transitional ibo-k beta
> sources, since it's not a quick job to integrate them directly from
4.2H to
> whatever happens to be the latest 4.5 release (a moving target). We'll
> probably need to stay in 4.4 for quite a while, since we also have
> conversions of many of the native IBO controls in a very alpha state,
> alongside two strains of non-visual componentry supporting not just the
> TIBO/TIB dichotomy, but also the X/non-X (or Console) dichotomy.
> These comments are made on the ~uninformed assumption that Jason did
> to let me earmark 4.4 for Kylix. It could well be that Jason
already has
> his .NET stuff occupying this space in the tree...and I will have to
> rethink what to do about the transitional IBO-K stuff - and how we sync
> .NET and Mono.
> Whether it will *ever* be possible to keep the Delphi and Kylix
versions in
> sync is entirely moot. IBO for Delphi is built on the VCL, IBO-K on
> CLX. The VCL presumes Windows and .NET, CLX is stripped down both
ways to
> provide classes that are implementable on either Linux or Windows and
> (possibly) Mono. It might be that, in future, Jason will need to
step up
> Kylix sub-releases by even numbers and Delphi by odd numbers (my
> perspective only).
> Helen

Ok. I don't use Kylix. I was just curious about
the series jump.
I just thought I had missed something somewhere.

While I was waiting for my department to update
the IBO subscription I did not check out the recent
news about updates, etc.

BTW, is there a list somewhere, other than in the install,
for the changes from 4.3 to 4.5 I have not seen any
and I hate to have to wade through all of the posts in
the Yahoo group to find the differences. The online FAQ
for IBObjects web site shows no topices for IBO features.

Steve Fields