Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_IncSearch
Author Rick Roen
Thanks Helen,

I converted to a TIB_SearchEdit control. I just change the
SearchingLinks in the PrepareSQL event for the DataSet to convert
from searching by name or customer number.

This seemed easier to me since it would not be dependent on any
timer setting that might confuse the user and I still get the
incremental search results.


> You could try toggling your setting for SeekNearest, since this
should find
> the first occurrence of the string, without selecting it.
> There are settings you can do in the dataset to limit the amount
of time
> that the incrementing of the search key continues. There is a
> property on the control that toggles on/off whether the control is
> interested in the timeout settings of the dataset.
> FWIW, I've had the same problem with incremental searching (not
just with
> TIB_IncSearch) and always seem to stumble on the solution
accidentally, by
> fiddling with these various properties. I guess it's possible with
a lot of
> experimentation to set up a truth table to discern the exact
settings that
> fit requirements...not something I've ever gotten around to,
though. Maybe
> it's just more fun to play around with it. :-)
> Helen