Subject TIB_IncSearch
Author Rick Roen
Delphi 7

I'm using an TIB_IncSearch component to search a customer table.

The search does work as I expect, however I have a problem when
there are two customers with the same name in different cities.

For example:

name = The Garden Store city = Arlington
name = The Garden Store city = Dallas

When I type in "The Garden Store" I get the correct positioning key
by key, then I press the down arrow key to go to the other "The
Garden Store". The row moves like I expect, but then I press Enter
to exit and apparently a new search is done which puts the row back
to the first "The Garden Store".

I have an "OnKeyUp" event that traps the #13 and moves focus to
another control. It seems like the default action of the
TIB_IncSearch is to respond to the ENTER by doing a search.

Is there some way around this, or is there a better way to do this?