Subject Re: [IBO] BuilderX compliant
Author Lester Caine
yartax1 wrote:

> Well, at the moment only is a possibility to pass to Builder X. There
> are a lot of changes to be made. Before any change, I will contact
> with you to request more information.

BuilderX is supposed to be the next generation of C++ compiler from
Borland. It has one major flaw - It can not handle ANY Builder6 project.
It simply does not have any backwards compatibility with any existing
Builder projects!

We are promised a statement from Borland by the 15th December on what is
to happen to VCL programming in C++ and what Borland propose to do to
support Builder c++ developers that they have currently cut loose.

Another Interbase?
I'm not sure I would trust them to provide any forward path now, and a
switch to Eclipse CDT C++ development environment will be as easy as a
move to BuilderX. At least Eclipse actually works ;)

( This is on topic Jason - a move to provide generic a C++ version of
IBO could open a large market )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services