Subject Re: [IBO] BuilderX compliant
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:48 PM 10/12/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>Is ibobjects compatible with Borland c++ BuilderX? can we export a
>whole project from bcb 6++ and ibojects 4.2 to BuilderX?

What is BuilderX? If it's a new name for BCCB for Kylix then the IBO-K
components work with it.

As for porting a whole project, code for code, no, I doubt it at this
stage, if ever. IBO for Windows inherits from the VCL, whereas IBO-K
inherits from CLX. CLX is "starved" compared to the VCL. There's just a
lot of Win32 stuff that QT can't do.

We have all of the non-visual components with standard Kylix editors, both
native TIB_ (which currently need to use non-data-aware controls) and the
TIBO data access, which work fine with the CLX controls. W-in-P includes
some native IBO controls (inherited from QT widgets) that Andrew Haines has
been working on; and those and the non-visual components are in the process
of being upgraded to IBO 4.3 and then 4.5.

Contact me privately if you want to get access to the betas.