Subject Re: [IBO] Working with IB_LookupCombo in IB_Grid?
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:56 AM 10/12/2004 +0200, you wrote:

>I searched the list and noticed Helen recommend another individual look in
>I did just that, but there is nothing in the help file except a intro. Ie no
>I used the link: Working with IBO
><> Data-aware Controls that
>points to the help file.

I just downloaded it myself and the whole of the helpfile is there.

>I want to use a IB_LookupCombo on an IB_ Grid.
> I Drop it on the grid, and assign all the necessary properties, but at
>runtime it doesn't appear.

It won't appear unless the dataset is in Edit or Insert mode. Have you
tried that?

>How do I get the Grid to know that it must use the LookupCombo for a
>specific field in the grid.

The grid doesn't know. The behaviour is controlled by the property
settings of the lookup dataset and the Keysource datasource.

It's all there in the last article in controls.hlp, when you get to
it. Click the Contents table of the helpfile to see the list of contents
and to locate and open each article. If the Contents tab is missing, it
means you didn't extract the .cnt file from the zip.