Subject RE: [IBO] Refresh question [LONG]
Author Daniel Jimenez
Hi Helen,

I have to agree that even after having review my code many times, to verify
that I meticulously clear all the properties prior to reusing the same
control/component, it is likely that for a particular Dataset state I am not
doing the right thing. Thus, your approach of instantiating/destroying an
object as/when required, combined with helper classes which will populate
the members will make the application much more robust, as well as removing
potential issues/bugs.

Unfortunately I grossly underestimated the complexity of IBObjects and made
the mistake of trying to reuse the control/component so as to minimise the
overhead, thinking I could clear its members easily and at the same time
keep track of the different state for each Dataset.

I have to say that in most cases it works fine (simple scenarios), except
when I have a Master-Detail scenario where One Grid displays a Master table,
which in turn is used by other Grids to display the Detail tables, as well
as using other Master Tables to populate the various LookUPCombo/LookUpList,
etc (more complicated scenarios).

Once more thank you very much for you time and detail explanation.


Comvision Pty. Ltd.