Subject Re: [IBO] Index order
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:24 PM 9/12/2004 +1300, you wrote:

>Hi Woody
>Sorry about the delay, been in a meeting. I get your posts fine here :)
>The current system (bear in mind its a conversion from BDE / xBase) uses
>the following index
>LineOrder -> Rank, SubRank
>Each item gets a rank from 1 upwards. Discount and Freight get a much
>larger number. So the items always show in entered order and if discount
>etc is entered it appears at the bottom.

Sets in Fb/IB get their ordering from the ORDER BY clause, one way or
another, not from indexes.

I've been watching this thread and wondering why you have such a horror of
a refresh? If your KeyLinks are good, you will get what you want by
defining the appropriate ORDER BY clause, setting FetchAllRows false and
calling RefreshKeys. It's so minimal that, unless the server is on a slow
link, like dialup or ADSL, all the user will see on Post/Autocommit +
RefreshKeys is the new row jumping to its proper position in the grid when
they do whatever it is they do to post a row.

You will probably also want to set RefreshAction to determine where the
cursor lands after the Refresh.