Subject Re: [IBO] Executing a procedure
Author Daniel Rail

At December 8, 2004, 14:02, yaedos2000 wrote:

> One more thing...

> I've now got the SQL statement SELECT ID_NUM FROM TEST in a
> TIB_Cursor. I'm using the following code to extract the variable:

> procedure read_id();
> var hacid: string;
> begin
> IB_Cursor1.APIFirst;
> while not IB_Cursor1.EOF do
> begin
> // Get ID_NUM and store in hacid
> IB_Cursor1.Next;
> end;
> end;

> What code should go in the line '// Get ID_NUM...' in order to store
> ID_NUM in the string hacid?

You can use this:
hacid := IB_Cursor1.FieldByName('ID_NUM').AsString;

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