Subject Re: [IBO] IB Objects and fbclient.dll
Author Lester Caine
robertgilland wrote:

> Because of our circumstances, we are not always in charge of the
> installation of the database system or even what is installed.
> ie.
> sometimes
> IB6016
> sometimes
> FB1.03
> sometimes
> FB1.51
> We work co-jointly with other systems.
> What we would like would be to tell have
> the option to tell IBObjects which
> system to work with.
> Ie. one of our customers actually runs both
> interbase and firebird on the same system,
> which really makes it difficult for us.
> We would like to tell IBObjects to forcibly
> use fbclient.dll instead of gds32.dll
> but this must be optional, and not hard coded.

Since in order to use two servers at the same time, different port
numbers will be required, you would have to tell IBO which port to use
as part of the connection string. So it should be possible to modify the
selection of the client library based on that information.

The only thing I would say here is that the client SHOULD be using the
correct version of gds32.dll for the server it is connecting to, so only
FB1.5 can readily co-exist with Firebird. SO I would have concerns that
tools set up for Interbase would be accessing Firebird and visa versa.
From a reliability point of view I can see problems, so would be
looking at why the customer needed to run both as a matter of urgency,
if only to prevent possible problems in the future since IB6 was never
stable as far as I am concerned, and IB7 would probably be more of a

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services