Subject Re: [IBO] In Grid editing
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:38 AM 7/12/2004 +1300, you wrote:

>Hi All
>I am using FB, IBOQuery, TDataSet and a custom DBGrid component that is
>pretty much the same as TDBGrid. I don't do a lot of in-grid entry normally
>but in this case it makes sense. I have a complex (but fast) query that
>returns sales information for items supplied by one supplier (essentially a
>report), that shows in a grid. I want to add two columns that allow data
>entry into a separate table. What do people think is the best option?
>The one I can think of is to simply link the other table to the query and
>provide customised Update / Edit SQL statements. Is this appropriate or is
>there a better way to do it?

Assuming you mean a joined set involving a 1:relationship then, yes, it's
appropriate. In fact, if you don't want to update the supplier info table
source at all, only the dependent table, use a join, set the KeyRelation to
the underlying table that you want to edit and you won't even need the
custom SQL -- unless of course you want the edit to do stuff to fields that
are not in the query.

>p.s. I really want to stick with my customised TDBGrid component, from both
>a functionality and application consistency perspective.

No problem.