Subject Re: [IBO] incremental search on multiple column sort
Author Rick Roen
Thanks Helen,

That does clarify some information about how to setup the ordering
information in the query, however I still do not have results like
what I expect.

Regardless of how I order the result set, I cannot "find" anything
with a NON_SEED_ITEM = 1.

I have this for the OrderingItems now:


with OrderingItemNo=-1 the NON_SEED_ITEMS are sorted first like I
expect, but in the IB_LISTBOX the row never moves when I type in
search. Using my results from below for example: when I type
in "Ba" nothing is found. I expect the row would move to "Bag".

When I use OrderingItemNo=1, the results are again sorted like I
expect AND I can find "Tom" for Tomato, but I can find nothing when
I type in "Bag".

Do I need to set something that tells the control that I ONLY want
to search in the ITEMNAME field for the incremental search.

I've set the search to be case insensitive, so that's not an issue.

TIA Rick

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 09:35 PM 4/12/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Delphi D7
> >IB_LookupList populated by an IB_Query
> >
> >I am unable to search properly when I sort on multiple columns...
> >
> >The SQL is:
> >
> > , PRICE
> >
> >The Ordering Items information is:
> >
> >
> >The Ordering Links is:
> >
> >
> >My result rows are something like this:
> >
> >123 Basil 0
> >456 Tomato 0
> >789 Watermelon 0
> >012 Pallet 1
> >013 Bag 1
> >
> >This puts all the "Non-Seed" items at the bottom of the list.
> >
> >When I do an incremental search in the Listbox, it works fine for
> >all items with a "NON_SEED_ITEM" = 0, but I get nothing on the
> >for "NON_SEED_ITEM" = 1.
> >
> >Is there any way to tell the search to ONLY look in ITEMNAME
> Make the ITEMNAME the first element in the ORDER BY criterion.
But then
> you lose the ordering you wanted: to have the items in "seed"
> What you really want (I think!!) is to provide a reversible search
> so that you can flip the search to look for the higher-
numbered "seed" flag
> first. That's very easy in this case, where you have only two
> values:
> OrderingItems:
> Now, when you click the ordering button on the column, the order
> toggle to having the "1" items first.
> If you want the descending order to be the default order, set
> Links to :
> But note, also, if you want to enable a run-time ordering by
ItemName alone
> (and disregard its Seed setting), just add another OrderingItem to
> array (the property is a stringlist):
> and OrderingLinks to:
> NAMEONLY=ITEM=2 (or -2, if you want the default to be descending).
> Helen