Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Dropped feature in 4.5 ?
Author Nando Dessena

r> I agree with You that this is an oddity but I keep quoting your own
r> help-file, I can't believe that you would document a bug !!!

if you use the TDataSet-based component then it's not the IBO help
that you should refer to, but the Delphi/BDE help, as I have heard
repeated to me ad nauseam. :-)
There, the RequestLive flag is a conditio sine qua non (while we're in
for latin <g>) for editable datasets.

r> Anyway we will circumvent this in a totally other way !

It shouldn't be difficult. I usually use the same data-entry screen
and dataset to create new objects and to edit existing objects.

Nando Dessena