Subject RE: [IBO] Phantom connections?
Author Jason Wharton

Seems you understood perfectly what I was requesting. Thanks.

Indeed this does sound IB related. Is using Firebird an option? At least
with it you have a development community who will have open conversations
with you about this and you can bring resolution to this issue for everyone.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: Re: [IBO] Phantom connections?
> > If you would, please try and decipher exactly what the
> contents of the teb
> > is when that call is made so we can rule out IBO or the
> server as the
> source
> > of the problem. If the teb is the same then the problem is
> under the
> hood.
> > If the teb is different then it is something IBO is doing weird.
> I am not sure exactly what you are asking here, but I have
> compared the
> address as pointed to by PdbHandle in the call to
> isc_attach_database in
> TIB_Connection.API_Connect (triggered by
> IB_Connection.connected := true) to
> the address pointed to by pteb.db_ptr in the call to
> isc_start_multiple in
> TIB_Transaction.API_Start (triggered by and they are
> identical both when the second attachment is created and when
> it is not.
> The pteb.tpb_len is always reporting 4 regardless.
> The pteb.pb_ptr is a pchar with flags isc_tpb_version3, isc_tpb_write,
> isc_tpb_concurrency, isc_tpb_nowait
> This problem is linked to the database that I am using - ie.
> a backup and
> restore makes the problem go away. But the databases are not damaged.
> I have had similar problems in the past when running queries in other
> threads (this situation is a single threaded scenario) where
> IB decides to
> increment the attachment count to a ridiculous number ( over 100) even
> though there are only 2. It takes IB a few seconds to release each
> connection that it created. I never solved that one.
> It seems these problems could be IB not IBObjects related...
> Thanks
> Josh