Subject Re: [IBO] FastReport3
Author Lester Caine
Jason Wharton wrote:

> Complicating the IBO install script is the least of my concerns.
> I'd rather the script untangle the complexity than expecting all the users
> to do it individually.
> My install script is a perfect way to address this problem.

The FastReport Install package is simply not installing any IBO
compatibility in Builder5 or 6 - hence my problems.
The move from FR2.5 to FR3 is much like IBO3 to IBO4. Replacing one
simple package with a host of 'optional' packages. But the main problem
is that the native IBO mode seems to have been striped completely, and
the upgrade path for FR2.5 reports to FR3 simply does not work -
ignoring the additional IBO problems.
I've tried three reports now, and the only way of getting them to work
has been to write them from scratch, re-enter all the layout stuff, and
drop the direct links to IB_Query in the base app.
The IBO edit development functions are lost as well so I can't test the
new queries on-line, I have to copy them to something else.
In all I think that I have been sold a pup by Alexander - FR3 may be the
a great package, but it's no longer any use with IBO :(
I am going to have scrap IBO as a source and switch to something else -
and see if that actually works - something that I simply don't have time
to contest with.

p.s. I am even more sure that installation packages are more of a
hindrance than a help in Builder5 and 6. Since Borland are never going
to fix the bugs, I don't want someone trashing a working set-up by
overwriting my package structure. *I* want to decide when and were I
select a new package, and I *MUST* be able to build a new library with a
new library names without affecting the existing copy. FR2.53 trashed my
working FR2.50/IBO4 set-up, and I had to run a complete Registry and
File set backup beforehand so I could get back to the working
configuration. The only way to correctly manage library updates in
Builder6 is by MANUALLY modifying the build files outside Builder -
Getting FR3 to run on top of an existing FR2.5 took a lot of fiddling.
Keeping my existing IBO4 set-up available means I can't risk loading any
later IBO4 over the top.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services