Subject Re: [IBO] FastReport3
Author Salvatore Besso

> I would also like to detect FR and other component sets
> and automatically compile and register integration
> packages for them. Please keep this in mind and be ready
> to nudge me in the right direction when the time comes.

if you want to compile FR3 packages keep in mind that FR3 uses also Fast Script.

At present time (for Delphi 7):

Fast Reports 3 packages (both run-time & design time): 16
Fast Script packages (both run-time & design time): 10

Moreover, FR3 packages all have a chronic error regarding IBO that Alexander
never fixed. In all FR3 packages the references to IBO packages miss the
compiler suffix, for example instead of IBO40CRT_D7 you'll find IBO40CRT and of
course it doesn't compile unless you manually fix them all.

Is it worth to complicate IBO installation so much?

Just my 2 c.