Subject RE: [IBO] A problem with a procedure
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:07 PM 29/11/2004 +1100, you wrote:

>Helen, thanks for the response.
>I'm still quite new to all this (and do it very infrequently).
>My 'common source code' is used by SQL routines that potentially return more
>than one record. I made an incorrect assumption that my one-and-only-one SP
>would work the same. In the original code posted I determine if there are
>any records by checking for Eof after the call to First().
>How do I check if the one-and-only-one SP has actually returned any data ?
>Am I suppose to check against the initialized values for a change ?

No. An executable SP always returns the return values (unless it fails, of
course!). So initialise the return variables inside the SP so that they
return something you will recognise as "No result". And, as I said, read
the Fields[] arrary. Unlike the input params for SPs, the output params
must have the actual field names that you will be looking for when you read

>danieL and myself have your book passing across the table each day. We both
>thank you for your efforts and lengthy responses.

NP - but I'm heading for Melbourne to a conference on Wed. and will be more
or less offline till sometime Saturday. Tomorrow nobody in NSW without
aircon (and that includes me) is going to be able to think straight. :-((