Subject Re: [IBO] Memory usage on larger tables
Author Lester Caine
williamvdw2004 wrote:

> I have made this post in the firebird support group but did not get
> any response. I am using IBO so I thought I would try here.

Give it a bit longer ;)

> I have a database (FB 1.5) with about 300 000 records in one
> table, I am using IBO for connectivity. The problem is that when I do
> a query (on the big table) whether data is returned or not +/-
> 250 megs of ram gets used. The ram is only freed once I disconnect
> from the database (connection.disconnect).
> What can I do to make the memory usage less?
> Is this normal?

What is the setting for AutoFetchAll in the IBO query component?
If this has been set true, then the whole table will be cached. Set to
false, only the needed data is accessed auto-magically, but anything
that addresses the whole table will then take advantage of that request
and also fill the cache.

Lester Caine
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