Subject RE: [IBO] Partial row missing in IB_GRID
Author Jason Wharton
I recall working on this issue and it really drove me nuts. I wanted the
grid to look just like you do but there were many hassles and I couldn't
succeed at getting it to work just right. It's been some years since then
now and I can't remember exactly what all the issues were. I know it had to
do with aspects of TCustomGrid that were too privatized that I needed to
make things work. I'll put this in my low priority folder to reopen at some
future time. Best thing to do for now is to provide customized resizing so
that things stay on increments to show whole rows. It's pretty simple to do
and it keeps your user interface clean and sharp. That's what I do now and
there are other benefits to doing that too.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Partial row missing in IB_GRID
> Hello all,
> I am wondering about some behaviour of the TIB_GRID which I can't
> seem to change : When I have a grid with a height that is not exactly
> a multiple of the rowheight I should get a partially visible row at
> the bottom, but this doesn't happen so it appears to the user that
> there is no more data to scroll to.
> Can this behaviour be changed?
> thanks,
> M. Hamstra