Subject Re: [IBO] Urgent help needed with an access violation
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Jason,

> Please send me a sample application that isolates
> this problem right away.

This is the big problem. I have tried to make a small test case using a sample
database, a data-module and two forms to mimic as closer as possible the
application but I cannot reproduce this problem. But I'm still not sure if it is
a fault of my application or if it is a problem in IBO.

So I ask if you can guess something that can help me to isolate this problem.

I repeat that the application works normally without apparent problems and the
first time all the queries are opened without problems as well. The problem pops
out when I close the three queries involved and I reopen them, and the AV
happens on the first child query. I have also tried to NOT open the first child
query and then the AV happens on the second child query.