Subject Re: [IBO] Urgent help needed with an access violation
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Jason,

> You probably have some mixed up installation issues.

Nope. I always accurately check to not have old remnants anywhere. I also
compile IBO packages so that all bpl's and dcp's go into Delphi7\Projects\Bpl
folder, while all dcu's go into Lib and Lib\Debug subfolder under main IBO4
folder. To be more sure, I have made a search on the whole hard disks and there
is no IBO4*.* or IB*.* file out of its place.

> If you are able to get my latest installer which I put
> in the evaluation and registered users areas, running
> it should wash out whatever problems you are having.

I got it a while ago and I installed it. No luck. The access violation is still
here, exactly as explained in my original message.

Any further advice to succeed to trap this problem will be greatly appreciated.