Subject RE: [IBO] Delphi 2005
Author Markus Ostenried
At 08:27 Tuesday, 23.11.2004 -0700, Jason Wharton wrote:
>I already have IBO working in D2005 so don't anyone make the effort.
>Is all you need to do is request the latest of the BETA and you get the
>installer too.
>I'll put a version of the latest beta in the registered users download
>area today.

Hi Jason,

I just tested the 4.5 Af setup with D2005 and I'm very happy with it -
great job!

Here are a few comments regarding the setup:

* the compile log files generated by the setup have a strange line break:
they don't show up correctly with notepad but are ok with wordpad.
* maybe you could add an option to create a programm group during setup
containing the shortcuts to IB_SQL, IB_FTS and IB_RPL and a subfolder
"Documentation" (or "Resources")
* the Documentation folder could contain
* shortcuts to the help files
* links to the website: main website, tech-sheets, online-faq
* maybe a shortcut to the folder containing the sample apps
(I think this would give new users a better starting point than
just saying "setup is complete".)
* let the setup ask if the help files should be downloaded and installed
(would help me a lot because I haven't figured out yet how to install the
IB_Objects_4_5.HLP file so that pressing F1 works as it used to with older
versions of delphi.)