Subject Re: [IBO] Calling all translators!
Author Ramil
I'm ready to test new instasllation and translate some more for IBO 4.5.

Best regards,
Ramil Khabibullin, Kazakhstan

> All,

> I'm getting closer and closer all the time to getting IBO 4.5 released.
> Just a few more niggles in the code to iron out and the installation to
> finish.

> Right now I'm at the point of realizing with an automated installer it would
> be best if people could chose their preferred language at the time of
> installing since everything is going to be compiled for them. Thus, I need
> people who have worked on the translations to get the latest privately from
> me and produce a working IB_Constants.pas unit based on my latest code.
> I've scraped more areas of code and found additional items that need
> translation.

> Please, contact me right away so I can have a wide selection of languages to
> choose from.

> I also plan to try and contact anyone who has put their credits in the file
> headers. If you make any changes or improvements in IBO code, do please put
> in your credits and contact.

> Also, if anyone wants to test drive my new installation give me a private
> email requesting it. I'm very pleased that for full source consumers I'll
> have a download of only about 1.5 mb that will cover Delphi 3,4,5,6 and 7.
> Still trying to figure out CPPB...

> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton