Subject Re: [IBO] ibo admin and security service
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:24 AM 21/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I have installed IBOAdmin (tho it intermittently disappears from my
>6 component bar)...however, there is no security service component,
>though i
>have heard it referred to on this newsgroup. Did i install it wrong,
>would be odd, cuz the other components work? I would like to add
>users (or
>subtract them). Should i just do this thru the ibo connection
>component, or
>find some way to get securityservice on my toolbar?

Possibly you need to reinstall the components? On my IBO Admin palette,
there are 13 components, of which IBOSecurityService is the 12th one (it
has a green key glyph).

One thing I do recall, at one stage the resource files were missing from
the IBOAdmin source. I rebuilt them and posted a version of the source
code...somewhere...that would install with the correct glyphs.

Do the CPPB6 IDE give you the View > Component list menu option? You might
find that the component is lurking around somewhere in the wrong palette...