Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Update Bar
Author Daniel Jimenez
> The VisibleButtons property is a set. So a typical setting
> for this propety might be:
> MyUpdateBar.VisibleButtons := [ubEdit, ubInsert, ubDelete,
> ubPost, ubCancel];
> Then, you want to hide the Cancel button in some event:
> MyUpdateBar.VisibleButtons := [ubEdit, ubInsert, ubDelete, ubPost];
> ...and so on....
> There's a full enumeration of the set in the help text.
> Helen

I have tried this, as I did see the help text mentioning that it is a set.
However, it will not work for me.

dbupdLogs->VisibleButtons = [ubInsert];

As I get compile errors [C++ Error] LogsForm.cpp(60): E2188 Expression

Also tried:


[C++ Error] LogsForm.cpp(60): E2094 'operator+' not implemented in type
'TIB_UpdateBar_ButtonSet' for arguments of type 'TIB_UpdateBar_ButtonType'



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