Subject Re: [IBO] column list & variable list do not match
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:29 PM 18/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:

> > Just occurred to me: Is this the actual message you are getting?
> >
> > "column list & variable list do not match" (ex Subject)
>Yes, this is the actual message.
>Maybe the clue lies in the whole error message:
>Dynamic SQL Error
>SQL Error Code = -104
>Invalid command
>count of column list and variable list do not match
>Code = 335544569
> > This message occurs in the course of executing a SP, when there is a
> > mismatch between the column list in a [FOR] SELECT....INTO :<LIST OF
> > VARIABLES> and the list of variables that you are feeding them into.
>Nope, no SP involved at all. Just pure DSQL.
>The only other times I've seen this error is from SP's, so that is
>what I was looking into first.

Don't discount the possibility that the presence of IBX stuff in your
application is somehow causing the wrong error to be detected and/or
detecting an error where there is none.

>I have explicitly cast all 7 fields in each set so they are identical.
>Still happening.

I don't happen to think that, once the SQL is spot-on correct, you would be
getting an exception from the query itself.

It's a silly question, I guess, but did you delete and recreate all of the
persistent fields after your repairs?

Did you remove the IBX libraries from all of your uses clauses (both
interface and implementation)?

Another silly question - are you certain that your application is using the
Firebird 1.5 client library and message file?