Subject RE: [IBO] Update label with field name
Author Jason Wharton
> Is there a function to update a label with the field name
> when a new order
> item is selected.

There is a property of the query called OrderingField and you can check if
it is assigned and then get its field name. There ought to be an event you
can tap into like OnStateChanged that should be a good place to update the
caption of a lable or whatever.

> I have a IB_IncSearch component and a IB_Grid. I would like
> the label to identify which column is currently active for searching.

The grid will show you if you use the IndicateOrdering feature.

> Also
> which is the recommended component for this type of searching
> IB_IncSearch or IB_SearchEdit

Incremental searching if for performing a search in records in the client
IB_SearchEdit is to be coupled with the SearchingLinks stuff and it is
designed to use input parameters and searching in a way that refines only a
few records that are returned to the client. Each method has advantages and
disadvantages depending on what it is you want to do and your environment.
I recommend you familiarize yourself with both methods and see which one you
most prefer.

Jason Wharton