Subject Re: [IBO] column list & variable list do not match
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
> Just occurred to me: Is this the actual message you are getting?
> "column list & variable list do not match" (ex Subject)

Yes, this is the actual message.
Maybe the clue lies in the whole error message:
Dynamic SQL Error
SQL Error Code = -104
Invalid command
count of column list and variable list do not match
Code = 335544569

> This message occurs in the course of executing a SP, when there is a
> mismatch between the column list in a [FOR] SELECT....INTO :<LIST OF
> VARIABLES> and the list of variables that you are feeding them into.

Nope, no SP involved at all. Just pure DSQL.
The only other times I've seen this error is from SP's, so that is
what I was looking into first.

I have explicitly cast all 7 fields in each set so they are identical.
Still happening.

It just doesn't make sense (which prolly means that it's simple & I'm
just looking too deep)
I have no variables in this query. No params.

Just to be sure I compared the field & param counts on both queries.
Both queries have fields = 7 & params = 0

Another strange thing is that when I cut & paste the query directly
into the TIBQuery on the report in design mode, then open it, then
preview it, I get no error & see the correct result set.

Also, (runtime) the error occurs after the rep.Preview statement. Not
after the .Open statement.

repQry.qry.Open; <-- No problem
repQry.qr.Preview; <-- Error twice here, then displays correctly

So is it a TQuickRep problem? If so, then why can I preview it in
design mode with the identical query?

I have red spot on my forehead from banging my desk, and my hair is
patchy in places from pulling at it...

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