Subject Re: [IBO] Date Arithmatic
Author Lester Caine
Wayne Forrest wrote:

> What does ( Date 1 - Date 2 ) produce, I see a result as such
> 0.590934534 etc....
> Could someone please explain?

Time is fraction of a day
Just multiply by 1440 to get the number of minutes.

> What I am trying to achieve is to get the hours and minutes between two
> date entries.

If you want separate numbers you will need two fields, I just store the
minutes count and convert when displaying

> Both date entries are in the format where date and time is recorded.
> The calculation should take into account the date part as well meaning
> that the hours calculated can exceed 24.

No problem - just more than 1440 minutes.

> The best solution would be if the Calculation would be done in a
> computed field.

CAST ( ( Date 1 - Date 2 ) * 1440 AS INTEGER )

Lester Caine
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