Subject Re: [IBO] column list & variable list do not match
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
>It never was the case! I use no other report writer than QR with IBO!

>Use a TIBOQuery as the container for the report's data.
>Use the AssignSQLWithSearch method to "populate" the TIBOQuery with >the
>user's latest view in his gird dataset.


>Easier than falling off a log.


> Depending on what DB engine you've got behind the scenes, what
version of
> IBO and what version of IBX
> Top of the pile: simple incompatibility between IBO and IBX.
> Possible conditions: bumping into the parameter ordering conflict
if you
> are using an old IBO version with Firebird 1.5.
> IBX is an old, buggy version - there were a lot of those, especially
> one "out-of-the-box" with Delphi 5.
> Can't pinpoint it without more environmental information from you re
> versions, etc.
> Helen

Jeez, wish I'd clambered upon that log earlier, just so I could fall
off it!!

I have just tried this though, and I'm getting the same error.
I cleared out all the settings I had put into the reports TIBQuery,
but still getting error.

Sorry for not giving my environ. details. They are as follows:
* Firebird server(Linux) & client(WinXP)
* IBO 4.3.Aa
* IBX - Have never used IBX
* Dialect 3
* My statement now is:

The query on the form is qryTIB_q (of type TIB_Query)
The query on the QReport is qryTIBq (of type TIBQuery)


Like I stated earlier, the output ends up being what I want (same as
form) but I'm still getting the error twice prior to displaying.

I've checked out your book also, under the union sections (all be it
briefly, very busy at the moment) and have found nothing relevant.

I did this because a google search on my error founds limited results,
but thos it found related to queries with unions.
Not sure if this helps.

Thanks for your suggestions so far. I have a new log to climb, then
tumble, then climb, then tumble (I have many many reports where I will
be updating this code...)