Subject Re: [IBO] Bookmarks
Author Markus Ostenried
At 10:34 Tuesday, 16.11.2004 +0200, Cao Ancoinc wrote:
>Once I have a list of bookmarks how do I locate the record for updating.
>The Bookmark list does not seem to represent any of my field values.

The TIB_* components use simple strings as bookmarks. The TIBO* components
are derived from TDataset and use TDataset's own bookmark type, see Delphi
help under "TBookmark". With TIB_* components a Bookmark is a string that
contains the values of your KeyLinks columns.

So, if by "list of bookmarks" you mean a list of strings, e.g. a
TStringList then you scroll the query to the corresponding record like this:

YourBookmarks: TStringList;
i: Integer;
// fill bookmark list
for i := 0 to YourBookmarks.Count-1 do begin
// locate record
IB_Query1.Bookmark := YourBookmarks[i];
// do updates