Subject Re: [IBO] DevExpress combination
Author yartax1
Does TIBOQuery native access too? I believed that only TIB_Query performs
native access to database and TIBO_Query is only a compatible to TDataset
and IBX ( with a lack of native access ).


--- In, Artur Anjos <suporte@a...> wrote:
> yartax1 wrote:
> >I'm trying to use both IBOBjects and Devexpress components (with his
> >powerful grid). I think is the perfect combination to do killing app!.
> >
> That's what I use as well.
> >Anyway to use TIB_Query component (with native dataset) and then make
> >it TDataSet compatible?
> >
> No, you need to use TDataset descendants.
> Use TIBOQuery, and if you need something only available in a
TIB_Query you just pick up TIBOQuery.InternalDataset that it's really
a TIB_Query.
> Artur