Author Jason Wharton
It didn't work with TStringField when I tried your example app. I didn't
have the code to handle that datatype conversion. It was really easy to add
it in so I went ahead and made it so you can use lookup combo with
underlying int64 column, you just have to make the field a TStringField
instead of a TLargeIntField. You will need the IBO 4.5 Ad beta or higher to
test out how this works. Let me know if you are still needing to work
around this.

Ideally, Borland will fix this so it will not use variants or so that
variants will work with TLargeIntField. This is obviously a VCL problem we
are going to have to work around for the time being.


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> > > as evaluating IBO + Firebird 1.5 I encountered a problem with
> > > BIGINT handling. It is not working well when you invoke BIGINT
> > > field viaLookupCombo control. In files section I'll post little
> > > test project that demonstrate the error, so if someone can look
> > > at it and find if I'm the reason for error.
> >
> > Please send me one privately as well.
> > Please also tell more specific information about the problem.
> > This could be a deficiency with the VCL.
> >
> > Have you tried making a persistent TField of TStringField to
> > work with it?
> >
> > Jason
> Jason,
> I have seen a similar problem using a TDBLookupCombo with an IBO
> TQuery linked to the lookup portion. The list displays the list
> values, but the selection does not store the Int64 key to the
> DataField. Seems to be a problem with the VCL control.
> Tomorow I can get you a small test app to demo problem.
> Allen.