Subject RE: [IBO] checkbox in the grid
Author Gediminas
Code is:
select * from SP retrieves Name & Checked fields. Checked field is
calculated in the SP and has values 0 or 1. Using column attributes
Checked=BOOLEAN=1,0; tick is displayed for value 1 and an empty place for
value 0.
I would like to get true checkbox - if I tick/untick Checked field, then
InsertSQL or DeleteSQL code is executed. Do I need overload Checked field
paint event to paint checkbox?

At 2004-11-09 19:03, you wrote:
> > how to make ib_grid to show true checkbox component for boolean
> > columns?
> > if column attribute set to BOOLEAN=Y,N; grid shows a tick if true and
> > an empty place if false.
> >
> > want to have column, where user could check/uncheck value.
>Go into edit state and if the column is modifiable it should appear.
>I don't remember all the fine details on this. Perhaps a peek in the code
>will reveal what you need to know more.

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